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Pay and Benefits are Under Attack

I am a retired AFGE 3rd VP from the Albuquerque VA. The incoming 112th Congress will be the most destructive for federal employees and labor unions. This is the first time that I remember, the federal employees pay and benefits … Continue reading

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Disappointed in Our Elected Officials

As a Transportation Security Officer, I’m on “the front lines” as my agency continues to tell us day in and day out. This pay freeze does not do justice to any of us who work hard day after day to … Continue reading

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This Country Has Turned on the Working Middle Class

I’m a GS-5 step 1 employee for the VAMC in my local area. I’m also a disable veteran and have always made my own way. I have a wife of 31 years that was recently diagnosed with bone cancer. I make … Continue reading

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Taking Care of the Good Ole Boys

I read the story from the AFGE member stating the loss of wages due to increased insurance costs. We also suffer this indignation at AAFES. It may as well be stated that the only Federal workers who will likely profit … Continue reading

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We Have to Win in 2012

There is no surprise that we feds always are the scapegoats as usual. We especially, who work at the high-profile agencies get kicked the hardest. Consumer prices will surely rise while we are stuck in a political quicksand. The scenario … Continue reading

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This is My Story: Patriot, Civil Servant, Veteran

This proposal stinks to think that my pay has to be frozen to reduce the deficit. I work two jobs to make a living I am a GS4 Medical Support Assistant with the Dept. of the Army. The past ten years … Continue reading

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In Addition to the Pay Freeze…

Well, in addition to the pay freeze….. If I understand the new tax package correctly: Most American workers will get a 2 percentage-point break on their payroll tax for one year. Instead of paying 6.2% on wages up to $106,800, … Continue reading

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We’ve All Shared the Burden

I’m the Haz Matl & Waste Manager at an AFB for the last 17+ years and am a top-step GS-11. This pay freeze means that I will have no cost of living increase and since I am at the top of my … Continue reading

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The Affects on Schedule A Employees

I work for the Department of Veterans Affairs, as a Schedule A employee (which means I have a disability; multiple health problems). I’m a GS/6, and hardly make much income as it is. Not only will this freeze drastically affect … Continue reading

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This Pay Freeze is Absolute Nonsense

I would like to state that this pay freeze is absolute nonsense. I am a federal employee that works at a VA facility. I have worked at this facility for a few years supplying top-level care to our vets. I … Continue reading

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