Our “Belt” Has No More Loops Left

Two things bother me about the federal pay freeze proposal. First, is the insult to federal workers and the jobs we do. We are face of the government for many people. We find their checks, take their claims, issue their cards. We can make a difficult situation just a bit easier and we take pride in doing so. Second, many federal workers, myself included, are providing the primary or sole support to their families. My husband lost his job in April and my job has kept our family afloat. We would be devastated without my medical insurance because my husband’s COBRA continuation would have been well over $400 per month. I am a GS-8, a Service Rep with SSA. I don’t make much, but that small increase offset the constant increase in medical premiums. No pay raise means my check will go down and that will cost my family a tank of gas, a bag of groceries, a “fix” around the house. I understand tightening our belt in these times, but what does the President suggest we do when our “belt” has no more loops left in it? That’s a fine idea, Mr. Grinch, I mean Mr. President. Merry Christmas.

Pam Baca
AFGE Local 1802
Social Security Administration, Trinidad, CO

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