Pass a Fair Raise for Feds

My wife and I are nearing retirement, so the freeze will obviously affect our high-three calculation. But we’ll manage. I’m more worried about the support staff: GS-6′s and under who are already struggling on their meager federal pay.

 I wrote about this in FedSmith a while back ( and got quite a few comments, including a lot from people who bought the overpaid-fed myth. This is another right-wing fairy tale that we need to refute with the plain truth.

It was hard to live on a GS-6 salary last year and it will be no easier this year.  Congress should do the right thing and pass a fair raise for feds– it will help the struggling admin assistants and it will put some demand back into the economy at a time when we desperately need it.

Bill Schauman
AFGE Local 2782
United States Census, Maryland

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