The Best of the Best

I am a single parent with only one income, I am a federal employee. I need my job to remain insourced because I need to work to pay my house payment, feed my family, pay my health insurance, pay for my utilities, to buy food, pay for medication, pay for my life insurance. I have worked every day and supported America with my taxes and have worked hard for the American people. My father was a WWII 100% disable veteran and he fought for his country because he believed he was protecting every man, woman and child so they could have decent jobs that would remain in USA.  Cutting federal workers wages and hours of work would be a disservice to the American people. How many times do the federal employees have to pay for mismanagement by others. Federal employees are more equipped to do the best jobs because they are the best of best.

Paula Simpson
AFGE Local 3729
Army Corps of Engineers, Ohio

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a blog for AFGE's members and employees to communicate their opinions in a forum with each other
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