Time for all our voices to be heard!

As federal employees we need to take quick action and make our voices heard.  The pay freeze is not yet a done deal.  Take action!  Mobilize your workforce and get letters to your Senators and Congressman.  Let them know that YOU are NOT happy with the fact that our President is making a political play on our backs.  WE are his employees, each and every one of us.  WE make the federal government work.  Without each of us there would be no government.  I have no problem with doing our share to help the economy; however, I have a problem with health insurance premiums going up, gas prices going up, utilities going up, etc.  These are all necessary items; not luxuries!  How about instead of freezing federal pay, the President suspends bonuses for the higher ups?  Our Regional Commissioner receives awards each year that surpass my yearly salary.  Our bargaining unit employees get nothing in comparison to what the people on top get as EXTRA.  Mr. President, take a close look at the waste in federal government; not from the bottom but from the top.  Hold the top position people accountable for all that they do and the decisions they make.  It’s so much easier to propose a pay freeze; however, taking a good look at how we spend taxpayer money would yield a much more profitable outcome.

Federal employees, over the weekend spend some time organizing and mobilizing.  Get a letter writing campaign going.  Act quickly and get as many people involved as possible.  On Monday morning let your Senators and Congressman find hundreds, no thousands, of letters letting them know they work for US and we are not happy!  Let’s stand up and be counted!  Mountains are moved with the voice of one joined by thousands more.  Take action and be proud to be part of the solution; take no action and you give up your right to complain!

Angela Digeronimo
AFGE Local 2369 Executive Vice President
Social Security Administration, New Jersey

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a blog for AFGE's members and employees to communicate their opinions in a forum with each other
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