We’ve All Shared the Burden

I’m the Haz Matl & Waste Manager at an AFB for the last 17+ years and am a top-step GS-11. This pay freeze means that I will have no cost of living increase and since I am at the top of my pay grade, I have no step increases to look forward to. Last year I received a cost of living raise of just over 2%…but my health insurance increased approximately 13%. That gave me an overall “raise” of -11% out of my paycheck. This year I will receive NO cost of living increase and my health insurance is due to go up approximately 7% (I think).

So now, after 2 years, I’ve received approximately a -18% “raise”…but the American people and Congress keep going on about how I’m overpaid, underworked and deserve this pay freeze. I do my job and do it well. I feel that I’ve been feeling the bad economy along with everyone else. I’ve been putting a son through school, he still lives at home, couldn’t find a job for many months (I supported him), I pay taxes, buy groceries/goods that are going up in price, I support charities and help out those less fortunate. I fail to see how, as federal employees, we HAVEN’T been “sharing” in the burden of this bad economy.

Jenyfer Johnson
AFGE Local 1872
United States Air Force, South Carolina

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