Disappointed in Our Elected Officials

As a Transportation Security Officer, I’m on “the front lines” as my agency continues to tell us day in and day out. This pay freeze does not do justice to any of us who work hard day after day to continue operations of our employing agencies. Without us, without any of us, the Federal Government would collapse, but our President sees fit, and our Congress and Senate agree, that we should have our pay frozen for the next two years. Meanwhile, Health Insurance, as well as the general cost of living continue to increase. I’m extremely disappointed in our elected officials, not just the republicans, but the democrats as well. We were told that we were voting for someone who was FOR the working class, but obviously we have chosen someone who has abandoned us in time of need. Now I don’t know WHO to vote for in 2012, if I vote at all.

Thomas Gordon
AFGE Local 333
Transportation Security Administration, Pennsylvania

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