Taking Care of the Good Ole Boys

I read the story from the AFGE member stating the loss of wages due to increased insurance costs. We also suffer this indignation at AAFES. It may as well be stated that the only Federal workers who will likely profit from this pay freeze are Federal Managers. Has anyone considered that the profits saved by this freeze will go back into the pockets of AAFES Managers at the End of each year. Yes it’s possible that bonuses will be paid and the hard-working Hpp employee may receive a $100.00 bonus while the Managers will reap Thousands of Dollars. It is a sickening thought. Our Government at work again, taking care of the good ole boys.

Jeff & Gracie Hinkle
AFGE Local 4042
Army and Air Force Exchange Service, Texas

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4 Responses to Taking Care of the Good Ole Boys

  1. Rebecca DeBurgomaster says:

    I am a Registered Nurse at the Canandaigua, NY VA. I have not received a step increase since 2002 because I am at the top of my grade. I am not allowed a permotion to the next grade because at 60 years old I do not have a masters degree, even though years ago the board approved a grade increase because of the work I was doing. Senior management stopped the grade increase. I am a single parent trying to help my son through college. I depend on the pay locality survey and the COLA to help me keep up with the increase expenses I have – increased health insurance premiums, increased co-pays, increase gasoline costs, increased food prices, etc, etc, etc. I think it is deplorable that we – the middle class – are being made, again, to suffer for the inappropriate spending of our government. Why aren’t the bonuses for senior management and doctors frozen? As staff RN’s we do not receive any bonuses at all! I have read that President Obama wants to get his hands into the federal pensions. Perhaps it would be a better idea for him to look into the “pensions” and benefits that our representatives in Washington walk away with when they leave their jobs!

  2. Donna says:

    Totally Agree. Pay freeze doesn’t apply to all the BONUSES that MANAGERS get every year – Tens of Thousands of Dollars. All of us who do all the work that make them look good – a few hundred dollars to a few people and nothing for the rest. What’s New???

  3. Donna says:

    YES- I am a Federal employee and am totally aware that Managers get all the awards. And all the others like myself do all the work to make them look “Amazing” to get the awards – The rest of us get nothing. Management keeps getting their awards and the rest of us keep doing all the work and get a pay freeze. Thanks a lot.

  4. s bearfield says:

    I was a federal employee for 32 1/2 years. When I retired in 2006 I did it because I was tired and over worked. I am receiving my pension which averages approx. $34,000 per year. I did not get a cola in 2009 and has found out that there will not be one for the next 2 years. My insurance went up last year and this years, so I ended up with less in income. The merit pays giveen to managers should be eliminated because the way the rules have changed they are not doing the job of a manager that wa s doing years ago on the backs of lower grade employees.

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