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Trashing Government Workers

Stereotypes are a part of history and sadly are alive today. Growing up I heard stereotypes about people based race, their sex, their national origin, their religion and the like. As a baby boomer growing up in the 60’s I … Continue reading

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I Am A Dedicated Public Servant in the US Dept. of Agriculture

I have worked for the US Department of Agriculture since 1982. I am a computer specialist working out of the St. Louis offices who provide finance and computer support to the Rural Development and Farm Loan program field offices in … Continue reading

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Federal Workers are American citizens

Being a federal worker myself, I feel the federal pay freeze does not save the government any money. We were used as scapegoats for the state of the economy and the Congress and everyone else involved should hang their heads … Continue reading

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I Challenge Any Lawmaker to Walk A Day In Our Shoes

I am a single young woman without any children, so I can only imagine the hardships families and single parents are now encountering with this pay freeze. I myself had to give up my independence and move back in with … Continue reading

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The Alternative is Frightening

I am currently working for SSA and am in my 7th year. I am very upset by the freeze because it will cause my household to have more financial problems. We looked forward to the increase in salary later this … Continue reading

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Management Needs Its Own Version of iCARE

From: Dejuliis, Ralph Sent: Tuesday, January 18, 2011 4:00 PM To: ||DA ORC Subject: About the iCare Initiative Good Afternoon, Commissioner Lambie! iCARE should not just be limited to employee interactions with the public. Management needs its own version of … Continue reading

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Civility or Uncivil War?

By Dana Duggins Vice President | AFGE Council 220 Social Security Administration We do not need a call for civility; we need a change in the very culture of our country. As I watch the news in horror as the … Continue reading

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Who Better Than a Civil Servant To Care For Our Country

I have been a DOD civil servant for 30 years at Patrick AFB FL and a member of AFGE Local 2568 for 25 years. As president of this Local I think it’s appalling what the US government is doing to … Continue reading

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Searching For Help

I am a DA Security Guard at Redstone Arsenal Alabama. Myself and my coworkers who were hired recently to man the gates of the installation were hired as GS4′s step 1. We were told from the beginning of our employment … Continue reading

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We Consistently Do More and Respectively Survive on Less

While I already pay high deductions for decent health care coverage, the increased costs for gas and electric, inflated gas prices, and the outrageous cost of food, I find it horrendous how our pay is frozen for the next 2 … Continue reading

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