Short-Changed by Management

I’m Daniel Ford and I have been working with the TSA since the beginning. I am the acting president of AFGE Local 618. The pay freeze has been with us for eight years. The fact that we were never included in the Homeland Security department and have been short-changed by management since the beginning is the reality at TSA. The management continues to want folks to apply for the supervisors job. This small airport has less than 300 screeners and 22 supervisors. To make it worse there are only two concourses and two shifts. The real need for cost savings should start at the management level and free up the money to the screeners. This Office Space movie management model is in every agency. Did you get that memo should read the Buck stops here.

AFGE is the one and only organization that gives a darn about us.

Be Thankful my friends

Daniel Ford
AFGE Local 618
Transportation Security Administration, Indiana

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1 Response to Short-Changed by Management

  1. Matthew Bach says:

    I am a TSO for DFW International airport. They say government workers are overpaid, but the reality is management are the ones that are highly paid for doing so little. Example at my airport, We won CAT X airport of the year. All the workers got was a crappy pin while I’m hearing rumors that the FSD is getting a $35,000 bonus for that award while the reality he did nothing. I’m trying to figure out the lies he told Washington to get that award. He sat there and did nothing while they were failing us on our PSEs. For our hard work, we get a pin. I’m insulted.

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