Why are WE Being Punished?

The pay freeze will really impact my life. I am helping my youngest son through college. My oldest son is disabled and just recently lost everything he owned in a fire. I am trying to help him get some of his life back. I have been a single mother most of their lives and helping now is so important to me. I have a car payment to make. What kind of incentive do we have if there are no pay raises. I have always done outstanding work, and working to achieve that for the bonus really helped me every year. But no pay raise for federal employees seems very unfair to me. We didn’t cause the problem so why are we being punished for it. Everyone needs something to look forward to and you want to take that away from us? I am proud of the work I have accomplished but it doesn’t sound like the government is. I hope you can look further for a solution and not make the federal employees pay for the government’s mistakes.

Lila Root
AFGE Local 3928
US Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services, Nebraska

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1 Response to Why are WE Being Punished?

  1. Reginald P. Montique says:

    The main reason we are getting short changed is because the rich are controling the media and brainwashing the poor by giving them a few scrapes to make it look like they care. First of all, each year they cut more and more benefits for americans while steadily increase the amount of foreign aid in the form of GRANTS to other countries. Now many will argue that this help us out but in reality, a grant is something you do not have to pay back so when we give them to foreign countries then we are taking money away from ourselves. Congress is making us take a pay freeze to save $28 billion over the next 5 years but this is a drop when we have been providing over 20 trillion dollars a year in grants to foreign countries. (http://www.census.gov/compendia/statab/2011/tables/11s1296.pdf)

    The link above verifies and validates what I am saying. Now if I can find this out and see then why is everyone else missing it? Also, have you noticed that the war efforts and money being spent is IRAQ and Afganistan has been excluded from the news. Look how much free money we are spending and giving to them which is a big reason for our jump in our deficits.

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