Getting What You Deserve

I have worked for the Social Security Administration since 1974. I am an on-site representative for our Local, 3369. This isn’t about money per se  – although I certainly don’t disagree that even the 1 or 2% C.O.L.A. that we would expect to receive for something approaching parity would make a difference in the day-to-day lives of working families. It’s about principle: those of us who have chosen to forsake a potentially lucrative career in private industry so that we could serve our country should not be continually penalized for doing so. The right-wing gas-bag blowhards who constantly denigrate those who believe in public service should be forced to eat un-inspected meat and swallow uncertified medications, and have their personal mail delivered right to the front door of their home by just anyone off the street who wants to make five bucks an hour. And while we’re at it, I’m sure that they won’t mind if military men and women who were shot to bits in a war they voted for were cared for by poorly paid and underqualified personnel. I’d pay good money to hear how they would justify that.

If you show people respect and pay them accordingly you will get what you deserve: the best civil service workforce in the world. If you don’t, well, you will indeed get what you deserve.

Jed Natkin
AFGE Local 3369
Social Security Administration, New York

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1 Response to Getting What You Deserve

  1. Tracy Robishaw says:

    This is not the time to blame a political party but to try and unite as government employees for the country we love! There is to much wasted time in just placing blame and not enough in action. We can go on and on saying the Right Wing is responsible for the country’s condition but where will that lead….? Letters need to be written to our State Representatives, Congressman, and I think even the White House letting them know this is NOT alright and how they can justify this decision as well as make it up to the families including mine that will suffer.
    There is a reason we are all writing on this blog and I think it should be to unite and make a difference!

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