We Need to Unite

This is a sad day in America, people are struggling and a pay freeze is not the answer. The pay freeze is only hurting the middle and poor sector. Why not target the rich sector?

The rich continue to get rich and the poor continue to get poorer. People who live pay check to pay check are often only a step away from being out on the street, or homeless. We call America the great. We can’t stand back and let things like this happen. We need to unite. Our past government (8 ) years or more is the reason why we are in this mess.

Allen Jones
Department of Veterans Affairs

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a blog for AFGE's members and employees to communicate their opinions in a forum with each other
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1 Response to We Need to Unite

  1. Tracy Robishaw says:

    This is not the time to blame a political party but to try and unite as government employees for the country we love! There is to much wasted time in just placing blame and not enough in action. We can go on and on saying the Right Wing is responsible for the country’s condition but where will that lead….? Letters need to be written to our State Representatives, Congressman, and I think even the White House letting them know this is NOT alright and how they can justify this decision as well as make it up to the families including mine that will suffer.
    There is a reason we are all writing on this blog and I think it should be to unit and make a difference!

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