Who Will Take Responsibility for This Mess?

I am one of the 9700 (?) federal employees and retirees who received a letter from the Thrift Savings Plan and a LARGE check from the Treasury in Monday’s mail.  The letter stated I was getting a “minimum distribution” of my Thrift Savings Account (TSA) funds because I was both over 70.5 and separated from Federal service.  Neither is true.  I composed a letter to TSP about 1 am on January 4, 2011, and mailed it to TSA, my senators, my representative, my union president, and human resources at CDC (where I work).  I had to call CDC HR to learn about the big blunder, and then Google to get information about sending the check back (which I did Wednesday am by registered mail).  Now I have to wait for TSA to retrieve the taxes they took out from IRS and put all the money back in my account and calculate and add the interest I would have received(and from where will those funds come?), and for IRS to send me an erroneous 1099 and then a corrected 1099.  Will any heads roll at TSA for creating this mess?

Avima Ruder
AFGE Local 3840
Department of Health and Human Services, Ohio

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