Disappointed In Our Government

I am a GS4 employee on Fort Carson in CO making less than $30,000.00 a year. My husband was active duty for 12 years and was due to exit for medical reasons from deployments and just hard training defending our country. Finally after years of trying to get into the government system I did in 2009. My husband did not retire so medical insurance and dental stopped for myself and my 2 boys after six months. I had to absorb the cost of a mortgage, bills and everyday expenses. It took 9 months for my husband to find a job and once again it ended up being in the government system as a GS5. Needless to say with both our incomes we still do not make what he did when he was active duty and we received free medical and dental at that time. 

Now that I am in the government system I am extremely disappointed and wonder why I fought so hard to accomplish this? Our family just recently had our second vehicle break down and now we are stuck depending on one vehicle. With the cost of living increasing as well as medical co-pays and premiums it seems as if this will have to continue. After paying for my 4 y/o to go to daycare and my 9 y/o going to before and after care I have to ask myself does it make sense for me to continue to work at all?

I am very disappointed in our government and wonder how they can justify a pay freeze for us while Congress and other select government employees will continue to receive increased pay.

Tracy Robishaw
AFGE Local 1345
US Department of ARMY, Colorado

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