I Pray This Will Make Me Stronger

Many may assume that we “federal employees” are enjoying a high consumption lifestyle riddled with wasteful spending and a lack of financial planning goals and objectives. I am writing to tell you that I have watched my savings, children’s college funds, investments , and retirement vanish before my eyes in direct relationship to the carnivorous economic climate created by the richest one percent and the American government and Congress making laws to delegate how my earned income is better spent. My spouse worked for the auto industry and was laid off, I became sick under stress of economic pressure and had to have at least two surgeries which translated to time off work.

I guess life just happens but what I don’t need is some greedy politician with numerous hidden agendas making incorrect generalizations of all federal employees. I pray this will make me stronger in the long run of life and I certainly have a lot to teach my children about the importance of living more frugal than ever before to fully guard against such economic turmoil and working tirelessly to disprove unfair stereotypes and generalizations.

Tracy Nord
AFGE Local 2206
Social Security Administration, Alabama

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