We Consistently Do More and Respectively Survive on Less

While I already pay high deductions for decent health care coverage, the increased costs for gas and electric, inflated gas prices, and the outrageous cost of food, I find it horrendous how our pay is frozen for the next 2 full years as if we have it to spare with the rising costs of virtually everything that sustains our mere existence.  The recession has hit us all and my family is no different.  While I applaud our government’s efforts to ease the pain and pangs associated with health care reform amongst us all, I simply wish to suggest that the enormous bonuses received  by our political constituents be decreased considerably or eliminated for the same 2 year period and we then could talk about freezing the salaries for those of us who keep our government programs going.  We get paid the least but are required to maintain and even exceed the expectations of our beneficiaries that we are so  continually dedicated to help.  We consistently do more and respectively survive on less as it is.  It is a constant thorn in our side to be deprived of money that we so deserve and have worked hard for.

Joyce Gunthrop
US Department of Health and Human Services

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