Management Needs Its Own Version of iCARE

From: Dejuliis, Ralph
Sent: Tuesday, January 18, 2011 4:00 PM
To: ||DA ORC
Subject: About the iCare Initiative

Good Afternoon, Commissioner Lambie!

iCARE should not just be limited to employee interactions with the public.

Management needs its own version of iCare for their interactions with employees. They get defensive when asked questions by employees. They refuse to respond to emails from employees.

I hear many complaints from employees about how management treats them. In one office, a supervisor was asked by an SR at the front window if he would bring the Immediate Payment paperwork to the cashier for processing. He said, “That not in my position description” turned his back on her and walked away.

In another office, an employee was told she was NOT recommended for a promotion because she was discourteous and disrespectful to her supervisor. Dumbfounded, she ask how. It turns out when the supervisor sent an email asking for status, she only responded if she had not already cleared the case or couldn’t clear the case immediately.

In another office, a supervisor chastised an employee for abandoning her duty station. When he found out she had told her mentor who was there with her that (a) no one relieved her for break (b) it was almost lunch time and she wanted to go to the restroom before she couldn’t get away at all, he didn’t acknowledge that she spoke or explained. He continued with his counseling.

The common theme in these instances is that the supervisor is a newbie, hired after 2003 and they are dealing with senior employees. It appears they are most concerned with DEMANDING the fear from employees rather than EARNING respect. They don’t lead by example. They can NEVER admit they mishandled a situation.

One employee complained to me that no one from management came to her mother’s funeral. That used to be unheard of. Now it is commonplace. Too bad; so sad; your loss. One District Manager told a distraught employee that there wasn’t anything she could do for her deceased father. Her place and her responsibility was at work.
I do quite a bit of EEO. I saw the region’s stats in one file on retention of the disabled. From 6/08 – 3/10, SSA in our region hired 61 disabled individuals (with very serious, “targeted disabilities”). 42 of them, 69% of them, were gone in less than two years. I’m sorry but I don’t see SSA caring.

iCARE is going to fall flat if line management doesn’t improve the way it interacts with employees. We don’t know what kind of care and respect management wants us to show the public because management doesn’t show us any!
I hope the presentations in each office will cover how employees are supposed to show how much they care now that their pay has been frozen for two years (though FEHB premiums are not; the cost of commuting is not; the cost of educating our children is not) and how much more they are going to care when Congress acts on a two-week furlough and a hiring freeze.

Ralph de Juliis, President
AFGE Local 2505
Social Security Administration, Oklahoma

PS: Management acts like it cares about compassionate, courteous and respectful public service….until we are not making the stats and goals. All of the emphasis is on numbers that can be measured. There is no number to measure compassion, courtesy or respect. If management really cared about caring and public service, SSA would not have unrealistic goals.

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3 Responses to Management Needs Its Own Version of iCARE

  1. Jeffrey Hinkle AFGE Local 4042 says:

    Management needs it’s own version of iCare.

    Truthful, factual and on point.

    As an government employee I concur with Mr. de Juliis, President Local 2505 that there is this near rabid mentality by Mgmt to operate in an atmosphere of fear rather then earn respect by leadership. “It is said that Management is doing things right; Leadership is doing the right things. – Peter Drucker

    This attitude exists within boundaries of federal government across the board. (Say it, promote it, write it, but don’t ascribe it to yourself as Mgmt.) It seems that in government it is only stated to deceive, that there is an air of care, but truly, pretentious rules.

    Who, having worked for government any length of time does not understand there is a protectionist mentality within upper echelon Mgmt to protect or CYA and move blame to the lowest position possible to attain plausible deniability.

    So in closing I want to extend heart felt unity with Mr. de Juliis and let you know it is government wide.

    I have one question Mr. de Juliis. Will Management there receive bonuses as a result of the pay freeze and by the internal goals set to receive bonuses?

    Jeffrey Hinkle
    Local 4042

  2. Jeffrey Hinkle AFGE Local 4042 says:

    Greetings to all AFGE members.

    I have at various times written or replied to members concerns as well my own. I would like to state that I have been actively engaged with my Texas Senator and Representative concerning this pay freeze.

    I am currently disabled due to work related injury. I have given 20 years of my life to AAFES or Army & Airforce Exchange Service. I am at a loss why my Representatives think we are a Tax burden when we in fact make an income somewhere near a Billion each year and return all that money back to the government per MWR for our Soldiers.

    We are in fact the golden apple of the government eye so to speak. Yet, we will not get our .20 to .40 cent raises for two years. I am already at loss of 1/3 of my pay. My insurance has gone up as everyone’s has. Cost of food and commodities as well fuel are rising.

    But here is my chief complaint. Two years now I have been seeking medical care and I need surgery. A fusion to my lower spine. But, there seems to be no one in charge and the rest just do not give a care. You ever feel like that?

    My heart goes out to Arizona’s Rep and those families who lost loved ones. However, the government is providing everything, no cost spared to help the Arizona Rep and I am fighting two years to receive help. Am I the only one? Are their others who are suffering and not getting help they need? Yet Congress is bending backwards to help one of their own. Is there any one member in AFGE and the government who is less then a congress person? Why is there disparate treatment while the President is calling for all to be covered by healthcare? Yet in the Government workforce we see and experience Government resistance to provide necessary treatment under workers comp requirements.

    We see the shifting of medical cost put upon government workers. The refusal to give needed care without going through Federal Judges. It seems the government would rather spend or waste thousands of tax payer dollars rather then provide care when it would be less expensive to just give the care.

    This seems to be the way SSA works too. Force many to get a lawyer who in turn gets how much of your portion of SSA? The government does not pay for this. How cunning.

    By the way, we give our lives in service and it is the government who made the laws to provide the care yet hire these outside insurance companies who are atrocious and notorious for refusing care to the extent of giving the least costly procedure so they can, it seems, make what; bonuses off our injuries?

    As you see, Congress makes Laws for you and I but exempts theirselves. The rich are getting richer and the poor poorer.

    You want to know where our pay raises went for the next to years? All you have to do is look to Goldman Sacks who was given Billions of tax payer dollars and then turned around and payed out hundreds of millions in bonuses to it executives compliments of Congress. So you wonder why we won’t get our penny raises, now you know.

    Jeffrey Hinkle
    Local 4042



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