The Alternative is Frightening

I am currently working for SSA and am in my 7th year. I am very upset by the freeze because it will cause my household to have more financial problems. We looked forward to the increase in salary later this year so that we could  try to pay off one of our cars to have more money for daycare; since our child doesn’t go to daycare yet and is being watched by the in-laws. Unfortunately, my husband lost his job three months ago, so we lost over $20,000 in household income since he currently works for a small company and does not make the amount he used to. It is still a job but the budget we have now does not allow for us to have much room if we were to put our only child in daycare. We are so blessed to have family, but when they get tired of babysitting, we will have to do something and that’s what is scary–what will we do? If my husband doesn’t find a better job, will we have to move out of our house into an apartment in order to afford daycare?

It’s really frightening!

Social Security Administration

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