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AFGE DEFCON Chair Don Hale Discusses How Defense Employees Support the Troops

AFGE DEFCON Chair Don Hale discusses how budget cuts affect the Department of Defense and the importance for all Americans to stand up and fight for working families.

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AFGE Council 220 3rd Vice President Dana Duggins Discusses the Value She Finds at The Social Security Administration

AFGE Council 220 3rd Vice President Dana Duggins discusses the value she finds in working in the public sector.

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AFGE Local 555 President Valyria Lewis Talks TSA

AFGE Local 555 President Valyria Lewis discusses the importance of the granting of collecting bargaining rights to Transportation Security officers.

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American Working Class Revolution Against Anarchists

The Republican anarchists continue to assault the labor unions and public service workers believing they are right. They manipulate polls to boost the egos and their followers. I have never believed polls knowing that the numbers can be manipulated to … Continue reading

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The Impact of Federal Cuts Can Also Impact the Economy If We Unite

I’ve read your article on of the December/January pamphlet. My opinion on the issue of government wanting to lower our pay is that, we need to encourage all government employees to cut down on their spending. I will cut my … Continue reading

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Young Talent Needed to Fill the Gaps of Retiring Baby Boomers

As an OSHA inspector, I work for the American worker.  DOL needs to attract talented young minds to fill in the gaps left by retiring baby boomer personnel.  Cutting benefits and wages are short-sighted and irresponsible.  Without attracting talented workers within OSHA and the … Continue reading

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Sign AFGE’s petition to Congress demanding a real plan for economic recovery (when not on work time or using a government computer, please use your home e-mail and home address) and we’ll personally deliver it to your representative on February … Continue reading

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The Two Year Pay Freeze Will Affect Me Greatly

The two-year pay freeze will affect me greatly. First of all, I am single and I have been brown bagging my lunches to save money. I am already at my highest step so I loose between no COLA and the step increase. I have been … Continue reading

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