The Two Year Pay Freeze Will Affect Me Greatly

The two-year pay freeze will affect me greatly. First of all, I am single and I have been brown bagging my lunches to save money. I am already at my highest step so I loose between no COLA and the step increase. I have been trying to get a promotion in the last 3 years with no success. I watch what I buy at the grocery store, look for things on sale and also look for more coupons. I also had to eliminate my local newspaper from seven days to weekend and holidays. I would have to sell some valuable antiques.

In my hometown for the next 1 to 20 years the water and sewer rates are going to increase because of an EPA project.  If things get any worse I would have to sell my house sooner than I would like and get less money. I would not have bought a new furnace and a central air unit had I known about the pay freeze sooner. I would have just replaced the parts. Hopefully, I will not need to get a part-time job but time will tell.

Back in the year 2005 there was a BRAC that closed military bases and some DFAS centers. That was supposed to save a lot of money. I could learn to deal with the two-year pay freeze but not for 5 years. There is other things that Congress can do like quit giving out bailouts to banks, car companies and foreign nations. I am also tired of hearing on the news or the TV that CEOs of big companies getting huge bonuses. The last time I, as a civilian, received a bonus it was for only $200. Civilian bonuses are generally between $200 to $600 once a year based on our standards.

I also feel that the middle class is being pushed out so eventually there will be either poor or rich people. Most Civilian employees in the Cleveland/Akron area are GS 6 or below making under 50,000 and most of us have 30 years or more of federal service.

Elaine Kucia
AFGE Local 3283
Defense Finance and Accounting Service, Ohio

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1 Response to The Two Year Pay Freeze Will Affect Me Greatly

  1. RU SERIOUS says:

    Stop telling people you can live with or adjust to or anything that makes it sound like you believe that you are overpaid. It is just that type of statement that makes Congress think they are right. THEY ARE NOT. You are UNDERPAID as any independent study will show; as much as 24%. You cannot adjust to a two year freeze, and YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE TO!!!! You didn’t make the mess, and the two, three or five year freeze WILL NOT FIX IT!!!!

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