The Impact of Federal Cuts Can Also Impact the Economy If We Unite

I’ve read your article on of the December/January pamphlet. My opinion on the issue of government wanting to lower our pay is that, we need to encourage all government employees to cut down on their spending. I will cut my cable, not buy a car, cut down on my phone and many other things, to show the public the impact the government has when we, the employees of the government, get our pay cut. When asked, why I am cutting their services, I kindly tell them that the government is cutting my pay and I need to cut services too. There are 2 million of us. We can make a big impact if we all unite and cut services. The politicians will get it once they see that many companies will start losing. This is my opinion.

Ricardo L. Delgado
AFGE Local 2010
United States NAVY, Florida

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1 Response to The Impact of Federal Cuts Can Also Impact the Economy If We Unite

  1. red says:

    Delgado, that will just cause further problems what you are suggesting. I need a new car within one or two years. I can’t forgo just to protest. I cannot drive a car that could possibly break down on the highway. I am not cutting my cable either. You may want them to feel the domino effect, but you are hurting more people that way. No matter what you do, the American public will still think we are overpaid primadonnas because they believe everything they hear from the their representatives.

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