American Working Class Revolution Against Anarchists

The Republican anarchists continue to assault the labor unions and public service workers believing they are right. They manipulate polls to boost the egos and their followers. I have never believed polls knowing that the numbers can be manipulated to reflect a bias. These anti-union anarchists also twist the facts about federal labor laws and union membership.

This has been the same fight that Jimmy Hoffa, Clarence Darrow, George Meany and other labor leaders and supporters have been fighting. Labor does not seek strife. The goal of labor is peace, but it must be peace with justice. Today’s strife is occurring due to political anarchists seeking to destroy labor’s right to live. Today’s industrial barons the Koch brothers, the Chamber of Commerce and the various industry associations represent financial interests, intent on destroying labor unions and the working class. The Republican Party, Tea Party, Extremists and media anarchists refuse to accept the labor movement and collective bargaining rights.

These groups are using subversive methods to attack public service workers and labor unions. They equip vigilantes with training in the art of brutal oppression. They bring in snoops and hatchet gangs in to infest the communities causing disruption. These wealthy barons and organizations are breeding discontent and alien doctrines of government and philosophies subversive to America, taking the law into their own hands. No goose stepping governor or bibble-babbling TV or Radio host will prevent the onward march of labor and public service workers. Our purpose is to continue a natural and rational march to continue to revive our economy, take back our politics, and take back our country.

Unionization, presupposes the relation of employment; it is based on a wage system and it recognizes fully and unreservedly the ownership of private property and the right to share in corporation profits. The full development of collective bargaining, the wider expansion of the labor movement, the increased influence of labor and citizens in national councils, this is democracy.

The American workers seek to retain their civil liberties, guaranteed freedoms, conscious partners in business, secure in their homes, educating their children and enjoying a decent standard of living. Patriotic Americans and labor stand in solidarity against the intrusion of alien doctrines of government. There are those today in our country that fear the increased influence of labor and the working class in our democracy. They fear a better system of distributed employment, better homes for the poor, social security for the aged and a fairer distribution of the national income.

These alien doctrines have been imposed on local governments, state governments and the national government sending the economy into a near depression and causing wide-spread deficits. The industrial barons moved their production plants overseas to cheaper labor markets thus increasing their profits, denying the working class jobs. President Obama and Democratic Congress addressed the crisis with a stimulus package. The economy continues on a slow road to recovery, jobs remain scarce and unemployment remains high. In the mid-term elections the voters sent Tea Party radicals and spineless Republicans into Congress to do their job to control the deficit, increase jobs and lower the unemployment.

Instead these anarchists place their failed policies, alien doctrines, and massive deficits on labor unions, collective bargaining and public service workers. The workers are now voicing their outrage for being the scapegoats. Labor has suffered in recent years from vicious propaganda by the industrial barons. Today, those that chant their praises of democracy and freedoms must now step up and stand strong, stand in solidarity with labor and the protesters in Wisconsin and elsewhere around this country. I repeat my pledge to seek peace and guarantee my loyalty to stand strong, stand in solidarity with labor, the working class, the protesters to insist upon our rights and to be the conscience of the American People.

Pat Sisk
Retired AFGE local leader
Department of Veteran Affairs, Albuquerque NM

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