Y’all come on down!

By Terry Duncan | AFGE Local 3448 | AFGE SSA Council 220

Y’all come on down!

Like revivals of old, AFGE’s annual call to come on down to Washington, DC in February is a call to inspire its activist members and get new converts on board the legislative action train.  The Union traded in a tent for the Hyatt, but the passion AFGE leaders will bring to the 2012 Legislative Conference is focused on igniting a response among the hardworking but often cautious faithful.

Well, folks, let me say this: you can’t just sit at your desk and hope that a pay freeze is not extended another year or more. You can’t just assume that Congress isn’t going to hack away at your hard-earned retirement benefits. The Union is only as loud as the voices of its members. You need to witness your story.

The AFGE Legislative revival, oops – conference – gives us the tools to take a clear message to the halls of Congress.  When we make an appointment with the staff of our Senators and Congressional representatives, we’ll be taking that message and delivering it with our story.

The story of the VA hospital nurse caring for a wounded warrior;

The tale of the Social Security employee expediting benefits to stave off a foreclosure;

The account of what happens to infants subjected to environmental hazards.

Listen to the words of these first-timers from AFGE’s 2011 Legislative Conference:

Mari Edwards, Local 3509, Aiken, SC:  “I’m going to let my co-workers know that AFGE was out there for them, that I was out there for them, members and non-members alike. It really doesn’t take much to at least try and make a difference, so sign the petitions, call your congressperson, write them!”

Eduardo Morales, Local 3984, Middlesboro, KY: “It is an unforgettable experience. We fought hard to prevent any cuts to SSA workers and attempted to share the viewpoint of our employees on proposed changes.”

Lori Hull, Local 3272, Grand Rapids, MI: “We have a lot of work ahead of us if we’re going to win this battle. It’s going to take all of us working together, being active and united.”

These are your stories. Your Senators and Representatives need to hear more from you.

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