Superstorm Sandy Disrupts Work and Causes Damage

The massive hurricane that swept through the East Coast has caused millions to go without power and has left many homes, businesses and personal items damaged or destroyed. The storm has also resulted in many closed doors at local government agency facilities due to lack of electricity. However, AFGE has received word from BOP representatives who say that neither the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan and Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn had to shut down or move inmates, though the prisons are not back to normal operations. Currently MCC New York is operating on a generator power and officers in MDC Brooklyn were forced to stay at the facility and sleep on cots, which resulted in major car loss because of parking lot flooding. Due to these problems and other factors, officers are having a hard time getting to and from the facilities.

Stay tuned for updates from other agencies that experienced disruptions during the storm.

The parking lot of the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn shortly after the storm passed through.

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