Pay and Benefits are Under Attack

I am a retired AFGE 3rd VP from the Albuquerque VA.
The incoming 112th Congress will be the most destructive for federal employees and labor unions. This is the first time that I remember, the federal employees pay and benefits have been under attack. The backbone of the federal agencies are the employees. The balancing the budget and cutting the deficit should not be accomplished by freezing the pay of the employees.

Pat Sisk
Retired AFGE Local VP
Department of Veterans Affairs, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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3 Responses to Pay and Benefits are Under Attack

  1. Pat says:

    My 27yrs with the Albuquerque VA spans the Gerald Ford Administration to the George W. Bush Administration. Through all those years there were never attacks on the federal employees like there is today. There are Republicans coming into the 112th Congress that are intent on degrading the federal employees. Eric Cantor has made the most destructive proposals to employees pay and benefits. Mr. Cantor’s proposals would impact employees harshly. AFGE and all federal employees must stand united to work aganist those in Congress and this administration intent on eroding pay and benefits.

  2. Pat says:

    Merry Christmas to all my Union Brothers and Sisters.
    The coming New Year will be bringing a difficult time for all Federal Employees. In the New Year is the time for all Federal Employees to stand together united aganist a New Congress and the Obama Administration on the pay freezes. There are members in the New Congress that want to… drastically change your benefits and ability to retire with dignity and respect. All Federal Employees must stand together united to fight these changes to their benefits and retirement. These proposed changes are the most drastic changes I have ever seen. I retired from the Albuquerque VA after 27 yrs. of service to our Veterans. In my 27yrs. no proposed changes to benefits and retirement ever were as drastic as is going to be proposed in the 112th Congress.See More

  3. Pat says:

    A New Year with the 112th Congress convening on Wednesday and the headline below is the Republican vision for federal employees.
    Vision: Deadly Accidents, Inhumane Conditions — Why We Must Fight to Stop Abuse of the World’s Sweatshop Workers.
    This vision is going to return to our country if all of us don’t stand united to fight these attacks. The Republicans in Congress are anti-union and seeking to turn federal employees to subservants to abusive management.

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