This Country Has Turned on the Working Middle Class

I’m a GS-5 step 1 employee for the VAMC in my local area. I’m also a disable veteran and have always made my own way. I have a wife of 31 years that was recently diagnosed with bone cancer. I make very little from my present grade and the insurance is the major reason that I have to continue. Even though I have Federal Blue Cross Blue Shield the co payment alone are running me into bankruptcy. My wife has been hospitalized three times in two years and expected more in the near future. I don’t know about the folks making these laws if they care or not, but I care about my wife. I need every dollar I can get my hands on to try to get her into remission. I have served my country, I’m proud of that and I serve my fellow vets and I’m proud of that, but I’m not proud of how this country has turned on the working middle class.

Gary L. Robertson
AFGE Local 2344
Department of Veterans Affairs, Kentucky

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1 Response to This Country Has Turned on the Working Middle Class

  1. William F. Arthur Jr. says:

    I am tried of the Obama adminstration freeing the government empolyees pay
    and giving our tax dollars to big companys for bale outs and letting the health insurance companys keep getting to rise our pay for insurance.

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